sunday brunch


If we were having brunch today, I’d tell you to stay far, far away. I was SO lucky to catch a late-spring cold and it is terrible. I’ve run the gamut–super tired, sore throat, stuffy AND runny nose–and luckily it is on its way out. No one wants to get sick, but trust me, it is far better to get these kinds of things when it’s not 75 and sunny. I just want to run and play!

If we were having brunch today, I’d tell you, no, you didn’t miss anything, we STILL don’t have our new floors. I don’t know either. Are they growing the bamboo shoots one at a time? It’s the only explanation I can come up with that doesn’t leave me raging. In the meantime, we’ve done things like build a half wall in our living room (replacing a spindly banister over the stairs), started a DIY fix-up of some patio furniture I got at a yard sale, and replaced our refrigerator (reluctantly), but ugh I want the floor. Now.

If we were having brunch today, I’d tell you I did it. I started the last Tana French book. I…can’t explain myself. I knew that I would race through them after I loved The Likeness so much, and I had no willpower to stop myself. I love them so much. Please, please, read them all. Thanks.

If we were having brunch today, I’d tell you that I am so ready for this summer. We have a few little weekend getaways planned, some concerts, and because we’re crazy, we’re planning to ride our bikes 100 mile. It’s…so far. Please keep the ice packs and Advil handy as we start to ramp up the training miles these next few weeks. (I’m only sort of kidding…it’s actually so much fun, much better than I found marathon training.)

If we were having brunch today, I’d tell you that we have been watching Netflix like crazy people. How are they SO GOOD at their original programming? I love Bloodline and I know it sounds so dumb, but Daredevil is insanely addictive. Damn Marvel. I am also already dreading the finale of HBO’s Silicon Valley. I love those nerds so much. Can we also talk about Mad Men? I was on the fence for the last few seasons, but still stuck it out, and I am getting a little weepy that it’s going to be over tonight. I’m a few weeks behind so I at least get to savor the end. Sadface!

What’s going on in your world today? Share!



sunday brunch


If we were having brunch today, you’d probably laugh SO HARD at the ridiculous smile I have on my face when I tell you all about my new job. It’s so great. Everyone has been so welcoming and the work is fun. Does liking bank work make me a corporate schmo? Eh. Sorry I’m not sorry. It’s certainly a different world from what I’ve been used to, but I am enjoying being part of a large team and actually having a designer to learn from again. Oh and bank holidays. Yeeeaaahhhh I’d probably also be telling you all about my plans for tomorrow, including sleeping in, watching tv in pajamas all day, reading, cuddling with the dog…you know.

If we were having brunch today, I’d tell you that I am obsessed with the Netflix show Peaky Blinders. Have you seen it? Ermahgerd I love it so much. We watched the two seasons in less than two weeks (would have been less than two days but the husband enforced a mandated rationing — boo). Imagine Boardwalk Empire and Downton Abbey having a glorious love-child and you’ve pretty much got the gist of Peaky Blinders. The Blinders are a family mob in England after WWI who run a gambling circuit and various other illegal activities and it is great. I mean, who wouldn’t want to watch this:


If we were having brunch today, I’d tell you that any attempt so far at trying to be healthy in 2015 (I didn’t set any resolutions, but I’d always like to have a little better habits and the new year is a good time to start fresh) has failed. Miserably. I’ve been running really consistently 3-4 times a week, and that’s really awesome in this cold we’ve had, but besides that…nada. Zippo. And food? Uhhhh it’s best not to go into it. Anyone have any tips for getting back on track? I need Amy Poehler’s advice here, the doing of the thing is the thing, not the talking about it.

If we were having brunch today, I’d tell you that I am so over this winter EXCEPT that we haven’t really had any snow. Can we make a big storm happen? Preferably on a weekend so I don’t have commute stress? Cool.

If we were having brunch today, I’d ask you if you’ve seen any of the Oscar nominees and if you have any recos. We’ve seen The Imitation Game and Birdman and I thought both were excellent films. Michael Keaton was especially brilliant. I want to see a few more before the Oscars, namely Boyhood (I’ve heard it’s great but very long) and The Theory of Everything and I guess I’ll eventually see American Sniper,  though I am generally not a fan of war movies. In general, this was a great crop, right?

Your turn! How’s life with you today?


sunday brunch


If we were having brunch today, I’d tell you that I am super happy that the husband is coming home from his long weekend away tonight because bad things happen when he’s gone. I mean the house is super clean and all of that…but it’s so quiet I simply fill the time with an endless binge of Veep and GoT until I crash on the couch and have to put myself to bed. On the other hand, I did have the time to pick up and get started on a truly amazing freelance job, go to a wine tasting with good friends who have moved into the neighborhood, and head over to Findlay Market for some casual girl talk and fancy food browsing with one of my closest girls. So there’s the good with the bad. Though really, is a TV binge ever really a bad thing?

If we were having brunch today, I’d tell you that it’s finally truly fall here and I’m kinda not ok with it. I know, I know. Last month I was raving about all the fall things. But it’s been rainy and gloomy ALL WEEK, I had to break down and turn on the heat already, and my vitamin d pills can’t keep up. Yes, it means the boots and scarves can be on heavy rotation, but that also means they’ll have to be on heavy rotation until, say, April. UGH! Maybe I just need more pumpkin spice?

If we were having brunch today, I’d tell you that I’m basically counting the minute until I get to go to Florida in a few weeks. A spur of the moment airfare deal presented itself, so I’m heading down south for a week to visit with my bestie, hit up Disney World for some Everest action and a whole lot of food and wine thanks to Epcot’s glorious Food and Wine Festival, and head over to her fab beach condo for some reading and relaxing and vitamin d replenishing. I cheated and looked at the Food and Wine menu…so much money will be spent and I’m pretty sure I’ll gain 5 pounds in a night. WORTH IT. This getaway is so, so needed after a few stressful months at the office.

If we were having brunch today, I’d tell you that I’m missing my long hair. That’s the way it goes right? You have long hair, you want the pixie. You have the pixie, you miss the days of the top knot. And I really do miss the messy hair-don’t care top knot. It’s going to be a long year of trying to get that back…

If we were having brunch today, I’d tell you that I started following IKEA on Instagram and whoa, I need a house project. It’s been WAY too long since I’ve done anything and the houses they feature are making me feel some serious envy. Should I find some furniture to redo? Maybe get started on the lower level? Some DIY artwork? Small kitchen updates? I don’t know what I really have in mind at this point, just that I need something to work on after this freelance job is over. Y’all got any ideas? I still don’t even have a bathroom mirror and it’s been like 6 months, so that should probably be the first priority. And it should tell you the pacing and effort level we like to give around here (aka, neither are good).

What’s going on in your world? Let’s gab!


sunday brunch


If we were having brunch today, I’d probably be mainlining coffee and nursing sore feet from dancing all night long at our dear friends’ wedding last night. I’m always amazed at how each wedding we go to truly reflects the couple’s spirit and individuality, despite the fact that all weddings follow basically the same format. You know the drill: I do, food, CAKE, dancing, etc. The husband and I had such a fun night dancing (ok, maybe only one of us actually had fun dancing…) and celebrating with one of the most fun and light-hearted couples we know. Plus I got to wear boots. It’s like the weather knew we all wanted fall RIGHT NOW. Such a perfect night!

If we were having brunch today, I’d tell you all about my fantasy football team and probably be obsessively tinkering with my lineup and bore the hell out of you. Gah. I don’t know what has happened to me, but fall is here and football is back and life is so, so good because of it.

If we were having brunch today, I’d tell you I’m reading this creeptastic book called Night Film all about an investigative journalist trying to uncover the truth about a famous (but reclusive) horror film director’s daughter’s death years after he ruined his reputation for going after said director. It’s action-packed and scary and full of plot twists and turns, and since I’m now apparently in love with weird and creepy things, I’m loving it so much. Plus it’s chock full of notes and emails and (fake) web articles so it reads like you’re actually a part of the investigation. I can’t wait for the end.

I’m also reading a nonfiction book about the Civil War and (gasp!) enjoying it. Like I said, I don’t even know what has happened to me.

If we were having brunch today, I’d tell you this fall is going to be so great. I mean, Halloween is on a Friday this year, how could the whole season not be amazingly fun. The husband and I have a few weekend trips planned (though sadly, none together? boo), but other than that I’m hoping to stay here and enjoy being a little less busy. We (the collective “we”) LOVE to be busy, yeah? But it’s so draining, especially since work has kicked in again after the slow summer. So yeah, there probably won’t be any house improvements or party hosting because I think it’s time to sit back and enjoy for just a little bit. Or maybe that’s just my excuse to be a little more lazy. Potato, po-tah-to.

If we were having brunch today, I’d tell you go watch True Detective NOW if you haven’t. When did Matthew McConaughey become legit? Because whoa. This show is something special. In related news, when do new shows start? I am in TV withdrawal and I don’t even care how sad that is.

Your turn: What’s going on with you this morning?

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sunday brunch


If we were having brunch today, I’d tell you that next week is my birthday and it feels…uneventful? For the past three years, we’ve spent my birthday week sunning and swimming and reading the days away at Pawleys Island and though we went to Hilton Head earlier this summer, it feels strange to be home for number 28. And sadface, I might only get ONE birthday cake! I’m excited about 28 though, it feels like it’s going to be a great one. I won’t bore you with my silly positive-intention stuff, but I’m thinking it’s going to be a year of many more yeses and a lot more of The Happiness Project. Bring on the goodness (and the cake)!

If we were having brunch, I’d tell you this week brings the last of my wheel pottery class and I can’t believe it went this fast! I’m going to miss my new little hobby. I am so glad my friends and I decided to break out of our routines and try something new. (I guess I started saying “yes” a few weeks early!) I think it’s so important to make time for yourself and to keep learning and I’ve loved getting to do nothing but play and create for a few hours a week. And it turns out we’ve all actually gotten pretty good! Ok, maybe just not completely embarrassing. The perfect coffee mug still eludes me though…only one week left to get it right!!!

What should I try next? The other girls didn’t like my idea of trapeze…

If we were having brunch today, I’d tell you that we totally binge-watched the end of The Killing and ugh, you guys. It’s so good. The show definitely didn’t get the press or viewership it deserved on AMC and I’m glad Netflix took it over to end the series the right way. If you haven’t seen it, the show follows two homicide detectives in Seattle and is funny and sad and maybe slightly creepy and you will love love love Holder. Just trust me, it’s worth it!

If we were having brunch today, I’d tell you that I also have been binge-reading. Can’t help it, I’m a glutton. Last weekend I somehow read an entire book. My house is a disaster and I have no social life, but whatevs right? I haven’t done that in a very long time. I tore through The Intern’s Handbook (SO GOOD) and dove into The Book of Life, the finale of the All Souls Trilogy that was just released. I’m excited to review the series as soon as I finish it, but I’ll say for now if you are a fan of smart chick lit mixed with magic and history and science, you’ll love it.

If we were having brunch today, I’d tell you once again, this summer has been so much fun. Despite having no money, we’ve been able to do so much (though sadly, nothing to the house!) and have felt so free with our time. We’ve enjoyed outdoor concerts (Lumenocity was so freaking amazing), have ridden our bikes hundreds of miles thanks to some really incredible weather, and celebrated little everyday moments like dinner on the deck. I even got a date night last night (Guardians of the Galaxy…love)! It’s been a great season so it pains me to say I’m maybe ready for the next? I just want some boots, okay?!?

Your turn! Grab your coffee and let’s chat!


what i love: june

Uh, tomorrow is July? How is this even possible? This month (and half a year?) flew by. Work is definitely in its slow season and I’m thankful for the rest. It makes the long and sweet summer days just that much sweeter and stress-free, as they should be. I’m super pumped for the 4th, especially since this year I won’t be spending it sipping out of mini wine bottles in a hospital room. Beyond thankful for a healthy husband this summer. We have a looong weekend ahead full of all-day bike rides (there’s not enough body glide in the world to make mile 60 on a bike comfortable), a cookout involving a whole pig roast, and sun sun sun! Here’s what I’m loving now:


1. Confession: In addition to not being a very creative cook when it gets to be dinnertime, I am hopeless at packing my lunch. If I’ve got leftovers, no sweat. I love leftovers. But if not, I have absolutely no ideas. I’ll pack like half a sandwich and a tiny side salad and be starving again by 2:30. It’s not cool. This crazy long pin (the link to the actual website seems to be broken sadly) has tons of picture ideas of healthy packed lunches. I somehow always forget about things like wraps and yogurt and hard-boiled eggs even though they’re some of my favorite foods. Totally inspired now to bring delicious lunches for my summertime lunch picnics in the park!

2. I’ve been pinning a lot of food recently because ohmygod ice cream. I can’t get enough recently. Last weekend I had milkshakes twice. The SAME milkshake. And then I had to run a ton of miles, but that’s another story. So naturally I need to make this Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter treat, yeah? It’s based on a Jeni’s recipe so it’s got to be amazing. The Kitchenaid is about to get a workout (and then I’ll have to do mine…)!

3. After the new heat pump debacle, y’all know we are on a majorly restricted budget. As in…pretty much anything and everything house-related is on hold until we can recoup a little bit of savings. But I’ve been brainstorming anyway because I can’t be stopped. For years, the lower level has been a hollow shell with three walls of lavender paint and one wall of wallpaper glue leftover from the day I randomly stripped it of its horror. Since then, I’ve been wanting to paint. So, so bad. But I really have no idea how to make anything work with our greige, yellow, and green couches – and make it sort of tie in with the upstairs look. Lonny played with the Sherwin-Williams Chip It! thingie and made this palette that I super adore. It’s so light and fresh and won’t make the green and yellow look weird. Too bad I can’t get started now…

4. Obsessed. It’s the only word for my feeling toward the nautical prep happening here. Sadly, it’s so FREAKING hot here that I would instantly start sweating buckets in my chambray, despite the fact that my office is currently cooler than Antarctica. I want all the preppy things, though, so the next under-85 degree day in the forecast will see me wearing this for sure!

5. Again, as if you need another show to binge, you HAVE to watch Orphan Black. Watch now. The husband and I tore through season one on Amazon Prime in about three days and season two binge begins this week. It’s happening. How else will I recover from 60-70 miles on a bike? (Hopefully ice cream is involved too!) The acting in Orphan Black is ridiculously amazing and thoroughly addicting. Tatiana Maslany kills it as about seven different characters and the idea of human cloning has never been so exciting and geeky and creepy, all at the same time. We can’t stop talking about it and I fear our families might kill us if we bring it up again. Do it now.

What are loving this month? Any fun plans for the 4th?

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sunday brunch


If we were having brunch today, I’d tell you Happy Summer! I am loving it. We’ve already had a cookout, had many meals al fresco, gone to the pool for many many hours (my skin isn’t so happy about this one), ridden our bikes a ton, are going to an outdoor concert tonight (!), and maybe or maybe not enjoyed milkshakes two days in a row. Can’t be too sure about that last one! I love feeling like the days are endless – I want to squeeze as much out of each extra minute as possible.

If we were having brunch today, I’d tell you that I’m almost finished with reading Donna Tartt’s The Goldfinch and The Secret History back to back. Y’all, these are not light and happy summer reads. I need some Nora Roberts frivolity stat. These books though. I am in love. The Goldfinch is heartbreaking and dark, but the last chapter…it’s beautiful. I can absolutely see why it won the Pulitzer. The Secret History was our book club choice and I can’t wait to hear what people think (or let’s face it, if anyone else read it…). It’s fun and creepy and full of snotty New England intellectuals. Love it so much. But seriously, I need a little break on the doom and gloom here!

If we were having brunch today, I’d tell you that not having any money is a drag, but it makes for some interesting challenges. And hey, we’ve faced this past week of 90-degree days and the new ac didn’t even break a sweat, so I am beyond grateful and definitely not complaining. Much. We might not be able to go on any more adventures for awhile, but I’ve been having fun scouting free or cheap things to do in the city – who knew there were so many free concerts, stargazing nights (pumped for this!), paddleboarding, etc. Just don’t try to get me to a church festival. There are about 100 million in Cincinnati and I just can’t. Ever.

If we were having brunch today, I’d tell you I am obsessed with Orphan Black. Now that we’re cutting our cable (see the no-money challenges above), we’ve been actually using all the streaming stuff we have and it is SO GOOD. If you have Amazon Prime, watch it now. It is so dramatic and the actress who plays the main character (characters?) is really great. And duh, Orange is the New Black. Love it. We’ve also been World Cup-obsessed (yes, only a week after being Stanley Cup-obsessed…I need a sports break) and working our way through Friday Night Lights. Tim Riggins forever.

If we were having brunch today, I’d tell you I’m in a food rut. I was recently told my dinner menus were a bit “monotonous,” so I need some help. Anyone got some good summer eats? Caveats: must be cheap, quick and easy to prepare, and delicious. SO easy, right? If it were up to me, my summer days would look like this: iced coffee all the time, yogurt and granola, caprese salad, corn on the cob, and milkshakes. (The last two days can attest to the last one.) I’m ok with a little delicious monotony, clearly. But apparently boys don’t eat this way, so help please! The husband thanks you in advance.

Spill, what’s going on in your world this month? Happy brunching!


what i’m loving: january

Anyone else got the winter blues? Yeah, me too. It’s just. so. cold. I don’t even want to think about what this month’s energy bill will be. It will definitely be record-breaking for this house. But hey, I’ve got a house so the privilege of paying to keep it warm is something to remember. The ground hog better not let us down, I think we all need spring in a bad way.

Truthfully, I’m not sad that January sped by as all the months seem to do lately. Work has been busier than I ever could have possibly imagined when I took the position 18 months ago. The sheer amount of things to do is exhausting. Thankfully, while there has been much on my plate, my non-design coworkers have been understanding and so very helpful and I honestly have surprised myself with how well I have performed. Even better is that I’ve stayed primarily stress-free, something that doesn’t come easy to me. Also thankfully, it all should end in a few weeks when hopefully I have a new partner to share my load. Here are some of the things keeping me afloat (though not making me any warmer in this never-ending frigid air)!


1. Two words: Enchilada Pasta. Yeah. This is so good. I am constantly trying out new recipes from the web and a lot of them are failures (the recipe or me? who can ever know?). The husband has learned a diplomatic trick from my dad: after a meal that was not really stellar or downright gross, he’ll simply say, “you don’t have to make that again,” and then I know he hated it. It’s very polite, no? But this…he wants again. It is creamy (though not super unhealthy is you sub in non-fat things like I did) and delicious and makes a TON, which is perfect for leftovers. One word to the wise: the recipe as written is not very spicy or flavorful. I doubled the chili powder and cumin, salted a lot and then we both liberally dumped hot sauce on our servings. It’s perfect to warm you up on polar vortex nights.

PS: I hate the polar vortex. Anyway…

2. Can we talk about something serious here: when are boot cuts coming back? Don’t get me wrong, I like skinnies just as much as the next girl…but I really miss some good old flares. How chic does she look? It’s fabulous (though I question those shoes). I just feel like boot cuts and trouser jeans are more flattering for more women and look more professional and polished. Am I right? Maybe that’s my calling in life, to bring back to boot cuts. Give me that adorable striped shirt and a pretty red pashmina and I’m ready to conquer the world!

3. I’ve done so much daydreaming this month. The husband and I are really starting to talk about the Italy trip, even though it’s definitely not happening until at least spring of next year. Doesn’t mean we can’t dream right? (Or buy Italian wine to start “learning,” right?) This view of Positano takes my breath away and the whole set of photos is incredible. Amalfi Coast, here I come…in 2015.

4. This month I’ve found myself really being drawn to and inspired by book covers. I mean, I’m surrounded by them all day long at work and then in my free tie I just look at them all over the interwebs. It’s sick. I love this alternate The Fault in Our Stars cover by Matt Clough. The illustration work is beautiful and he’s so clever to design it double sided for both Hazel and Gus. You can see all the images here. I wish this was the real cover…I’ve pinned a bunch of other book design collections, namely these gorgeously illustrated covers and this collection that just blows my mind. The design for The Night Circus alone is better than any version I’ve seen in real life. I wish publishers took more design risks, but that’s a post for another day.

5. OMG The Following. You guys. The husband and I can’t stop. We were bored on Netflix last weekend and decided to watch the first episode because what else was there to do? It’s really good. And one episode was so scary I actually screamed out loud. I don’t even do that for The Walking Dead! In a nutshell, The Following tells the story of an ex-FBI agent (Kevin Bacon, who is great) trying to stop a serial killer who has escaped after 9 years in prison. Said serial killer has formed a cult and it’s an elaborate cat-and-mouse story full of Edgar Allen Poe symbols and all-out creepiness. Sure, you have to suspend your disbelief because really, the FBI can’t be THAT bad at what they do and the serial killer can’t be THAT much of a genius mastermind, but it’s very entertaining. Love it.

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what i’m loving: july


How is today July 31st? Can we talk about this? Sorry for my lack of posting this past month. It has been A MONTH. A very trying and stressful month. But also a month full of learning: learning about myself, learning about the strength of love and family, and well, lots of medical learning. Seriously, you learn a ton of medical terms when someone you love is in the hospital. Good news is I did have a ton of time to read, so prepare yourself for a lot of reviews coming soon!!

Here are the things that have kept me sane the last few weeks:whatilove-july

1. This kitchen. Gah! It could not be more perfect, right? That is pretty much the prettiest combo of mint and black and white I’ve ever seen. Also, I’m dying over those chairs. They slay me. If anyone knows where I can find some Windsor chairs like that, let me know ASAP. I think my dining room needs them. Now. {If you have time, check out the source, Nicest Things. It’s in German, but the pictures are dreamy!}

2. So you know those people who get busy and stressed and forget to eat? Yeah, I’m not one of them. When I don’t feel good (mentally or physically), I try to eat to make myself feel better. I should know after 26 years that it never works, but I keep trying and probably will for 26 more years. Lately I’ve been trying oatmeal cookies. Specifically, some vegan oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. I like them because I can pretend they’re kinda healthy since I used flax seed and whole wheat flour and of course, the oats. I also like them because they are delicious. My tummy and hips also like them and seem to be holding on to them…guess I should work on that before hitting the beach…

3. Since the husband is pretty limited in what he physically can do (a hurt lung will do that I guess?), we’ve been stuck at home a lot. And in case you didn’t know, summer is hell for TV. There is nothing on. But thankfully Netflix has come to our rescue. After we tore through the new Arrested Development episodes, we started looking at their other original series since we heard great things. I have three words for you: House of Cards. Watch it now! I will say, we had to fast forward through the first like two minutes or something because there is an incident with a dog and we hate when animals get hurt…but once you get past that, the show is incredible. Kevin Spacey is phenomenal. I call it the evil West Wing because sadly, it probably shows the government how it actually is instead of showing us how it could be (thanks Sam Seaborn and Josh Lyman for being so idealistic).

Also: Orange is the New Black. Do yourself a favor and block out a weekend to watch these two series. They. Are. Awesome.

4. I am tearing through my summer reading list! I’m already on Zelda, and a few chapters in, I am in love. Not only is the story great, the cover is great too. I am loving cover design lately! I guess publishers are stepping up their game so people buy real books instead of eBooks. If so, it’s working. I have no problem adding pretty books to my collection and would gladly add any of these, even if the stories were crappy.

5. Since 2007, I have pretty much worn the same necklace everyday. I’m not a huge jewelry person, and the necklace means a lot to me (it’s my Tiffany’s “medal” from running the Nike Women’s Marathon), so it doesn’t bother me, but I’d like to switch it up a little. This pretty little necklace has me swooning. It is so dainty and classic and I love the idea of being able to personalize it. I would totally be lame and get an “e” and a “k” and be that married girl. Oh well. The things we do for love, right? Maybe I’ll use a little of my birthday money next month and treat myself…

What are you loving this month? (Also, can you believe it’s August tomorrow?!? I want my summer back!)

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sunday brunch


If we were having brunch today, I’d tell you quite simply, “hi.” Probably following a huge sigh as I sat down. Y’all, this has been a month. Already. In case we aren’t close in real life, here’s a snapshot of the last 15 days or so: One Monday, E rolled over in bed and proceeded to tell me, “My lung just collapsed.” Ok. Nothing new here, it had happened many times before and always healed within a week or so. By Friday he was read to go to the hospital. We didn’t leave for 10 days. A surgery and a few sponge baths and many sleepless nights later. He’s thankfully very much on the mend and is getting better every day, but he’ll still be out of work for another week or two and taking it easy for much longer. I see lots of lazy summer days and friday nights spent with the record player and Redbox movies in our future. All in all, just beyond relieved he’s going to be fine and this will never happen again, thanks to the surgery.

If we were having brunch today, I’d tell you that I somehow grew an inch! At 26, I finally went to a primary care doc. Seriously, I haven’t been to a doctor (besides the girly doc and my blood doc) since I went to a pediatrician. That’s crazy! But apparently now I’m 5’5″ and not 5’4″, so I’d consider it a successful appointment. Except for that tetanus shot…got it on Thursday and my arm still hurts. Yes, I’m a wuss.

If we were having brunch today, I’d tell you I’m thinking of starting a new house project. I know, I probably say this every month…but I’m feeling like we’re a little stalled out on the house right now and I need a kickstart. Usually paint serves that purpose just fine! Since E is out of commission, I’m thinking that painting the deck will be postponed until the fall (because, uh, that would be a miserable do-it-myself project), which means until then, I can do what I want inside! I just can’t decide what I want to tackle first: the guest bedroom or the lower level. Let’s be honest, it’ll probably be the guest bedroom. I’m lazy and it’s smaller and doesn’t require projects like new flooring and built-ins. Ha.

If we were having brunch today, I’d tell you that I really want to go shopping. It’s not that I have nothing to wear, I just have nothing that I want to wear. I have this image of how I want to dress in my head (and on Pinterest…) and I am realizing that my real-life closet doesn’t match this imaginary one. I guess I get too scared to take risks? Or I am just more causal than I would like to think? Or really it’s just that I don’t have the money to spend (and really won’t after these hospital bills start rolling in)? I don’t know. I’d rather buy workout clothes anyway. If only I could wear workout clothes to the library everyday! Stupid dress code…

If we were having brunch today, I’d tell you I am super pumped that The Newsroom is back tonight! We don’t have HBO anymore so I’ll have to wait to buy it on iTunes or something, but I really love that show. I mean, it’s Aaron Sorkin so of course I love it. Even though it’s no West Wing, I still think it is super entertaining. Much more so than Mad Men was this year. Yuck. I’m pretty sure the themes of this season were, “Pete Campbell is a prick,” and, “Don Draper is a horrible human being,” and, “Poor Sally.” They’ve got some work to do for next season if they want to remain on top. Now I’m just rambling…

Happy Sunday! Enjoy this beautiful sunny day!!!

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