nerdy girl dates: valentine’s day

In case you’ve been living under a rock and not watching any TV or reading anything online or going to any store, Valentine’s Day is in a few days, people. While I’m generally not a Valentine’s Day fan, I am a romance fan (last year’s faves) and a marketer’s dream, in that I love anything pink, red, heart-shaped, sparkly, and generally over-the-top cute. You make a mini heart-shaped ramekin? I want four. You put hearts all over…well, anything? GIMME. I love celebrating love, but I’m totally not into the roses-chocolate-overpriced-dinner-and-lava-cake thing. I am especially not into enduring any more “Every kiss begins with Kay” commercials. We don’t usually do gifts besides maybe a bag of “thinking of you” candy, but my goal each year is to make our celebration just a little unique. Recently, and I’ll be honest here, it’s been the same old dinner-and-watch-a-movie-on-the-couch kind of night. Nice, and sadly very reflective of me and the husband as a couple, but we pretty much do that every weekend. Not so special.

We are, of course, always last minute about these kinds of things, meaning we can never get a reservation at a restaurant or get tickets to a concert or movie. No biggie, we don’t really want to deal with the crowds anyway, but it means we’re in the aforementioned Valentine’s Day rut. This year V-Day is on a Saturday, meaning there’s a WHOLE DAY to do romantic, mushy, love-y stuff! Here are a few of the fun and nerdy date ideas I’ve been planting in the husband’s mind all week:

-Go to a bookstore and pick out a book or two to exchange. It can be one you’ve loved in the past or one you think they’d love (that of course is also on your reading list…two birds, one book). I know there are also cute bookstore scavenger hunt ideas all over the internets if you’re feeling especially ambitious and cutesy. Finish up with a yummy coffee and start reading!


-Along the same lines, go to a record store (or a CD store? Was that ever a thing?) together and pick out a few inexpensive oldie-but-goodie selections or some random albums just because you like the art. Spend the night giving them a spin with a bottle of wine.

-A staple: find a fancy new recipe and try to cook it together. Bonus points if you wear aprons and silly hats to make each other laugh. Extra bonus points if it involves the crème brulee torch and cute heart-shaped ramekins.

-And if that gives you a heart attack: order carryout from a nice restaurant and plate it like you made it yourself. Be sure to wear your fancy clothes! (We may or may not do this every year. I hate cooking.)


-Host a blind beer, wine, or bourbon tasting. Take notes and compete to see who can guess what they’re tasting. This one is especially fun if you’d rather hang in a group, and you get to eat lots of snacks in between tastings!

-Three words: Board game tournament. You can decide the stakes. Wink wink!

-Enjoy a nice meal out…just not dinner. We’ve got the whole day! Use it! Bypass the typical dinner date and go out for breakfast or lunch. I personally LOVE lunch dates. Somehow it feels so like such a treat to enjoy a glass of wine and a slow, relaxing meal with good conversation in the middle of the day. Or stay up late and go out for a nightcap and dessert. What could be more romantic?

-Go on a first date. It’s probably impossible to get dinner reservations at this point, but the bar in a swanky restaurant might just be the best place to have some fun together. Plan to meet separately at a bar and pretend you’re strangers. Have fun deciding who gets to creatively ask, “want to go back to my place?”! (Anyone see when they did this on Modern Family? I love Clive Bixby.)

What are your plans for Valentine’s Day? Whatever they are, I hope you feel loved!

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nerdy cincinnati: redlegs run 5k & 10k race recap

It’s been awhile since I’ve done any talking about things around Cincy, no? It’s not that we’ve been shut ins, I promise (though we are pretty bad homebodies). It’s that I forget to take pictures. I am legit the worst at photographically documenting my life. One of my goals this year has been to get better about taking more pictures, especially with our fancy dslr. It’s been…a work in progress. I don’t really know why I even wrote this paragraph because it honestly has nothing to do with what this post is about. Whatever. I guess to bring up the subject of doing more things around town? I digress…

On Saturday morning I ran a race! For someone who runs a lot, I run very few races. I used to be really into them in college, doing several every year. I did races at Disney, tons of them when I lived in San Francisco, and a lot around town. Then I graduated and had to wake up early everyday for work and the thought of giving up one of my two precious sleeping-in mornings kept me from running any races. Also: they cost lots of money. Who knew? I think the last race I did was the Thanksgiving Day 10k in 2011. I also got more than a little chubby and running around other people was not really something my fragile self-esteem could handle, but that’s neither here nor there. Because yesterday I actually paid my money, got up at the crack of dawn, and got over my issues to run with a couple thousand other people.

And it as great! Humid…but great! See how pretty Cincy is:


Just kidding! It didn’t look like that on Saturday. That is a pic from my sister-in-law who ran downtown the day before (thanks Mer for letting me borrow your pretty pic!). We weren’t so lucky the morning of the race. See:


Ok, that’s been Instagrammed. But it was really cloudy and grey at the start of the race. There was a threat of rain the whole morning, hence why I didn’t have my sunglasses (something I both regret when I look at my tired, puffy, makeup-free face in that pic and later on in the race when it turned out to, in fact, be sunny – thanks weathermen). But despite the call for rain, we lined up by Great American Ballpark (the Reds stadium…get it? Redlegs!) and were off.

I really liked this race! 10ks and half marathons are my favorite distances because they’re enough of a challenge to make it worth the registration fee and you have to put in a little bit of training, but you’re not dead to the world for the next week like after a marathon. I’ve been in large 10ks (the Thanksgiving Day Race has over 10k runners) and I’ve been in suuuper small 10ks (one I did in San Francisco was so small I honestly thought I was the last runner because there was NO ONE around me) and this one was a perfect size crowd at around 4k runners. It meant I didn’t have to get there super early to fight for a porta potty or parking space, but also had a lot of people to run with on the course. Win win.

The best part of running races in Cincy, in my opinion, is the fact that you usually get to go across the river. I know the bridges are sneaky hills in disguise, but it’s so pretty. This one at least went over two of the easier bridges (the Clay Wade Bailey is my nemesis) and since the sun had come out by the time I got to the river, it was a nice part of the race. However, it was also the time that my spring allergies decided to make an appearance like they do. Ugh. Mile 3 to 4 was pretty much one big snot and burn-y eyes fest. I won’t lie, I was feeling great and kicking ass until that point…and then I totally lost the will to keep going. The last 2 miles were pure mental hell because I just wasn’t into it anymore.

But then!

The real draw for this race comes at the last.1 mile when you enter the stadium and get to run to the finish on the field! I know it’s so cheesy, but I got the biggest smile on my face entering the stadium because you could see all the seats and the people watching and it was just really neat to be on the field. It also didn’t hurt that I totally PRed in a major way!

Screen Shot 2013-06-02 at 10.55.39 AM

(For reference there were 1,244 finishers of the 10k. Also, the time difference between the first 4 miles and the last 2 makes me laugh. Thanks allergies!)

I have NEVER been in the top half of a race, you guys. Much less the top 25% of women. I think my previous 10k PR was about 1:02 or a 10 minute mile. I rocked this and am super proud…even though my high school geometry teacher was the female winner and did the whole race in essentially the time I did those first 4. Yeah. How about that.


But as you can see by my red and sweaty face up there, I really was proud and in awe that losing weight and training hard really paid off. I can’t wait to keep going (with both losing weight and training) and see how much harder I can push myself. Especially without the allergies.

And in case you were wondering, the rest of the day looked like this:


I love summer. And ok, I love races too. Which one should I do next?!?

nerdy girl parties: bubbly and brunch

Over the weekend, I had to chance to go all out girly and host one of my favorite kinds of parties: a bridal shower! And not just any bridal shower, the bridal shower for my lovely bestie Jen. Did you know she and I have been friends since high school? It’s true! I love her just as much as I did then and I’m so happy and excited that in a month she’s going to be gettin’ hitched to a wonderful man and I get to stand up next to her!!! I have been pretty involved with planning because I designed the save-the-dates and invitation suite (that I’ll reveal later!), so naturally, I jumped at the chance to host the shower with her other “of-honor” Natalie! And what is the best part of any party planning (at least for this nerdy designer)? The invites!!!


Like I said, over the top girly! Purple is the main wedding color so I wanted to have as much of that included as possible and well, bows are just plain fun. (Sorry the designs look a little funny…I had to photoshop out some addresses and RSVP info since who knows what crazies may find this.) I really had a good time designing these. When else do you get to be so indulgently feminine?

And of course, my inner-Martha came out in full force again. I was a DIY fool.




The fringe garland. Look, I know they’re a trend. I know Pinterest makes things unsurprising and you’ve seen it all before. But it doesn’t make them any less fun! I followed this tutorial if you’re interested in recreating. One caveat, it says this is very easy. I agree, it is very easy to cut strips of tissue paper and twist them together. A first grader can do that. It just takes for-ever. So plan a good two hours to get this done. The cute hearts though? Those took about 30 seconds to cut out at work (oh, the benefits of working in the same building as some children’s librarians) and five minutes to string together on some embroidery thread. I won’t lie, they’re my fave part of this whole party.

Except for the company of course! And maybe the mimosas…



The “bubbly” of “bubbly and brunch” obviously came from the fabulous mimosa bar that Natalie set up. We had one at my bridal shower as well, and it makes for some serious fun. When in doubt, everyone loves a good mimosa. Pick up a few bottles of champagne, some mixers and fruit, and you’re good to go. Entertainment and refreshment in one! I don’t have any pictures of the food because I couldn’t convince my photographer to join me at this one and I had to play host…but we had yummy bagels, baked oatmeal, mini egg bakes, fruit…all the things you love about brunch. Oh, and cake pops.


Aren’t they gorgeous? Natalie should totally be a professional cake pop baker!

I really wish I had some in action shots of the party, but I was too busy being a part of it all to be the photographer too. C’est la vie! One of my least favorite parts of any shower is the game. I hate shower games. They make everyone feel uncomfortable and some of them, like the “how well do you know the bride?” game, can make you feel like sh*t if you don’t know! So I made it one of my quests to find a game that wasn’t awkward or stupid or mean. I think I found one! Using this pin as my guide, I made my own version of “He Says/She Says” and rounded up a bunch of the bride and groom’s old Facebook statuses, asking everyone who they think wrote them. It was hard and made everyone laugh, which I think is the point of all the other games (though they don’t really succeed). I just maybe had to selectively edit a few of them…

All in all, it was a great morning (followed by an even greater bachelorette night). I hope Jen feels like she was queen for a day and I can’t wait to help her walk down the aisle in a month.

Have you ever hosted a bridal shower? What was the worst shower game you’ve had to play?

nerdy inspiration: the (completely unofficial) macklemore thrift shop challenge

So what do you do when you’re bored on a Saturday? Pour a cup of coffee, read through some blogs, and discover this:

Um, yes. Thank you Young House Love. Just thank you. Y’all have heard the song right? It’s pretty much my fave right now. I sing, “I look incredible,” to myself about 50 million times a day. Naturally, a song about thrift shops has piqued my interest in said shops and I’ve been jonesing to hit one up for awhile. Not to mention, I’m looking to get some cool stuff for the office with zero budget. So I asked my marital partner-in-crime if he’d go with me to be my photog (and to have some fun!) and he said no. Womp womp. Luckily, my mom was also bored on a Saturday and we made a date.

The rules were simple: Take a pic with the $20 in your pocket. Buy things with that $20. Find an object or objects that are mentioned in the song. Blog about it. Quick and easy, right? Let’s get down to it.


There’s me. With Mr. Jackson. Technically this was $20 from my mom’s pocket, but hey, it works right? Who keeps cash around anymore? Step one: done. I’m going to skip step two for a minute and get down to the good stuff. While I didn’t have the patience to try on any of the MANY big ass coats, I did find several items from the song, namely moccasins and fringe (a whole lot of fringe). No keyboard though. Bummer, right?


Ok, this “I am terrific” bag was too good to pass up right? And it totally reminded me of something Macklemore would say. I mean he does repeat “This is f*cking awesome,” a lot. It’s along the same lines. I’m regretting not buying this bag a little. Just a little. Also maybe regretting leaving this chair at the store:

Thrift_Shop_3Just kidding! Next time I design a Hawaiian-themed, tiki room I know where to go. It’s just so big…and wicker-y.

While I was a little unimpressed by the wares of this particular thrift shop (it had mostly clothing), I didn’t leave empty handed. Unfortunately, there were no fun ceramic animals I could spray paint like Sherry and John. I mean really, there couldn’t have been just ONE ceramic dog or alligator or something? Oh well. Here’s what I did bring home:


For $11.50 I got a small black wall shelf, a lamp base, and an Ikea lantern. I literally have no idea what I’m going to do with any of these pieces and didn’t at the time of purchase either. They were just things that stood out to me. Since then, they’ve been noodling around in my brain and I have a few ideas. The shelf is the perfect size to casually display a piece of art that my parents got me for my birthday, so I’m thinking that will go somewhere in the office. The lantern is just your basic lantern, but I see it living in the lower level in winters and moving outside with a tall, chunky citronella candle in the summers.

The only part of my “spoils” that needs DIYing is the lamp base. I had originally planned for this to replace the lamp that we currently have on our desk, but someone says he likes that lamp just how it is. Soooo. I am now planning to put this into the guest room or lower level. And it will be painted. Oh, will it be painted.

So there you go, my first blog challenge is complete! And of course, it was f*cking awesome.

***You can see all the other challengers’ hauls here!***

nerdy girl parties: little king baby shower

Over the weekend, a dear friend and I had the chance to host a baby shower for another of our dear friends and it was so much fun to celebrate the soon-to-be momma in style. Because you know I couldn’t just throw up a few balloons and scrounge together some food and call it a day. Oh no. This girl’s inner-Martha came out in full force. And if you’ll indulge me, I’d love to share all the details of the day with you.

It was decided before I was involved in the planning process that the theme of the event was “little king.” So not something like animals or alphabets or books like you see everyday. I loved it because it was personal. Long story short: It’s an inside joke from the parents-to-be that they wanted to be celebrated. I don’t know if you’ve ever tried to search for king or castle or dragon party materials or invitations (why would you?), but everything is super medieval and well, not that cute. And unless you’re going with a theme of “The Little Prince” (which is adorable, I love the book) then the prince theme is equally unsatisfying. So it was time to take matters into our own hands and craft it up.


I whipped up the little illustration that you see above on the invite…and from there the rest of the party came together. I have to say a huge thank you to my partner on the PPC (party planning committee for non-Office fans). I will never host a party on my own again. Ok, never say never, but having someone to bounce ideas off of and share in the responsibilities made a huge difference in my stress level and I am so grateful.

Using the illustration, I wanted to make a few handmade decor items that of course, I had seen on Pinterest. I really and truly am happy I didn’t have Pinterest when I was wedding planning because a) nothing would have been a surprise and b) I would have wanted to do ALL THE THINGS. Which is what I wanted to do for this party…until I remembered that I work full time and do this little blog and have to do things daily like walk the dog and make dinner and workout and breathe. So I scaled back.

Luckily, my brother- and sister-in-law allowed us to host the shower in their fab loft, rendering decor almost unnecessary. But almost isn’t good enough for my friends! In the end, the day was pretty much perfect and momma-to-be has told me almost hourly since then that she can’t stop smiling. Here are my favorite shots of the day!


Cupcake toppers are super easy to make, I promise. Make 2″ circle illustrations and print them out. Cut them out (with a 2″ circle punch and NOT by hand like I did – I felt like I was back in design school being yelled at about my “craft” and it was horrible) and then tape the circles onto toothpicks. Could not be easier. You can’t really see it above but the dessert table was complete with some delicious chocolate chip cookie dough dip and Teddy Grahams. I didn’t make the dip, but I want to make it every single day of my life. Adult Dunkaroos at their finest.


The banner/bunting/whatever is also part of my handiwork…again, design 5″ circles, cut them out and somehow get them onto some twine or ribbon. I went the simple route and used clothespins because they remind me of babies and go with the industrial vide of the loft. I’ve seen really cute ones where people sew things together and ones where the circles are simply threaded onto ribbon through a little slit you would cut in. It’s super easy and I don’t care if it’s “trendy,” it made a really cute impression.

But of course, the best part of every shower is celebrating the new baby and mom with everyone you love. Congrats Erin! Can’t wait to meet the little king!




And hey, at least you’ve got time to practice…

nerdy cincinnati: enoteca emilia

A few weeks ago my mom-in-law, sister-in-law, and future sister-in-law and I decided we needed a girls’ night out before the arrival of sister-in-law #1’s third baby. Food? Wine? Good conversation? I’m always in. And look, you can’t even see Baby Hank:

So last night we headed to a new restaurant in O’Bryonville called Enoteca Emilia. This place is really great! The atmosphere felt very cozy, but with fun modern details like graphic wallpaper mixed with brick walls and white wood plank ceilings. There’s a large bar that runs though two rooms and offers plenty of seating while you wait for a table. Now that they take reservations, I would definitely make them. We waited about 30 minutes on a Wednesday night!

Though maybe a bit expensive, the food was very yummy! We tried a Whipped Ricotta appetizer that was sinful. It was like melty cheese butter. The salads were perfectly sized to split between two people, and the one we tried (Prosciutto) was fresh and light with pomegranate seeds and a fig vinaigrette. Yum! I love pomegranate! Well and prosciutto…the best of all the salty meats. But I digress!

For an entree, I tried the Garganelli, which is a large tube pasta. Think really large hand-made penne. It had a mushroom and truffle buttery sauce. Need I say more? I believe we found the reason my pants are tight today! The truffle flavor was decadent. I wish I could eat it every day for dinner. But then my pants would never fit. DILEMMA! None of us had room for dessert, but they have profiteroles (fried ricotta fritters) that sound pretty awesome. When I go back, I will for sure save room.

Or unbutton those pants we were talking about. Sometimes sacrifices have to be made in the name of dessert.

I highly recommend Enoteca Emilia for fun girls’ dinners or a fancy date night. I plan on taking E back soon. Like maybe tomorrow?

Click here for their website!

nerdy travels: vegas baby!

Whew, I’m finally getting around to recapping our big Vegas weekend!

A few weekends ago, E surprised me with a much needed mini-vacation. In fact, he didn’t even tell me where we were going until a week or so before we left! He knew how much I love Cirque de Soleil and the Beatles, so he orchestrated this whole trip around seeing Beatles LOVE at the Mirage! The trip was truly a blast and we loved taking in the sights and the sun with Chris and Meredith.

The first of three days we were there was spent in the sun. Yes, pretty much the whole day. Cue the *whomp whomp* and bring on the aloe. I don’t think I’ve ever been that burned. That’s what you get when you’re already a few mojitos in at noon I guess!

That night we had a great dinner at Bouchon in the Venetian. The chef is Thomas Keller of the French Laundry and it was truly yummy French food. I’ve never had chicken cooked as perfectly as we did there. And after dinner, the show began!

LOVE was really wonderful and unlike any of the other Cirque shows I’ve seen. While it was shorter and had fewer of the more “cirque-y” acts like the crazy people who stand on each others heads, the music told a story that was captivating and real. The songs were mixed together so while you may have been ostensibly listening to “Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite,” you also heard “Helter Skelter’s” discordant chaos and beats of “I Want You.” I believe there may have also been a few songs we thought would have been enhanced by some of the substances they enjoyed. Can’t confirm or deny. Highlights for me included the “Something” and “Here Comes the Sun” numbers…they were simply breathtaking and moving.

After the show we headed to the Cosmopolitan, Vegas’ newest casino and hotel. The interior is a designer’s dream. It boasts a huge collection of modern art and contemporary art installations, as well as beautifully designed bars. We hung out at Vesper and I wanted every single piece of furniture for my house. Not surprising; it was gray and yellow. One of the other spaces was built around a giant chandelier and housed a bar around it, in it, and over it. We also hit the casino floor, but at $50 Blackjack tables, we didn’t stay long…

Saturday was pretty much full of shopping because none of us could even imagine exposing our skin to the sun. Trying on clothes was excruciating enough. I am actually really proud of E, my horrible tightwad of a husband. For someone who really hates to buy clothes, and hasn’t for over a year, he bought basically a whole new wardrobe! I also bought quite a few pieces for myself…

Dinner this night was our sort of “main event” for the weekend. We headed over to the Palms for dinner at N9ne Steakhouse. I honestly think this was the best dining experience of my life. The food was incredible and the wine pairing was perfection and everything was divine. Scallops, lobster, homemade gnocchi, lamb, filet…oh my! Not to mention champagne with strawberry ice cubes and flourless chocolate cake…

Oh, and we met Troy Polamalu. And I embarrassed myself by asking one of the richest men in Vegas (the OWNER OF THE PALMS) to take our picture. No biggie. Troy is very nice and polite holds doors for strangers. Just in case you wanted to know.

Please ignore my scariness in that last picture.

Anyway, After dinner we went up to the Playboy Club and the nightclub basically on the roof called Rain. The Playboy Club was actually much more fun than I expected and we spent about 20 minutes gambling away our budget for the night. Seriously, it goes fast. I did feel really cool there though. I kinda was hoping Holly, Bridget and Kendra would show up…but I guess they’re kinda out of the bunny loop now. Rain was also pretty fun, great dancing and the outdoor area looks out to the strip and is really beautiful all lit up.

Our last day was spent sort of in recovery…sleeping in was necessary! We went over to Old Vegas for lunch and to gamble a bit in the casinos where you don’t lose so much so quickly. $5 bets go further than $25 for sure. But alas, no winners for us. We rounded out the trip with a great dinner at the Paris-they have a great restaurant that has an outdoor area just like the cafes on the street of Paris.

Luckily, we got the prime table and watched the Bellagio fountains for a few hours. There was also some French onion soup. And chocolate mousse. It was the perfect end to a great trip!

nerdy cincinnati: lunken bike trail

It’s no secret E and I like to ride our bikes. A lot. I mean, we’re planning several 100-mile rides this summer. You don’t do that unless you are crazy dedicated. Or just plain crazy.

Unfortunately, you can’t just pick up one day and ride 100 miles without some pretty serious consequences. Aka, soreness. In some bad places. One really has to train for such an endeavor, putting in at least an hour long ride after work a few days a week and then some long distance rides on the weekends. Cincinnati is not a great place for cyclists. We’re not like Portland or parts of North Carolina where you can ride easily to and from work or to the store. It’s especially difficult if you are afraid of riding on the road. You know, with cars.

I am afraid.

So we end up doing all of our rides on the Little Miami Bike Trail, which is awesome since you can ride from Newtown (about a 10 minute drive from our house) all the way up to Xenia (65 miles on the trail). But, it is boring. You are in the woods. The whole time pretty much. Flat trail and woods is pretty much all you see. Well, and people who don’t know how to ride their bikes or like to walk in huge groups crowding the trail or like to stop in the middle…but that’s a post for another day. After awhile, I just need something different.

Yesterday I brought my bike to work, which is conveniently enough, down the street from Lunken Airport and its surrounding trail. It’s 5 miles around, which I figured meant I could go around 3 times and with the distance to and from my office would be an hour’s ride. Well. Parts were flooded. People let their dogs run free. There are very skinny parts. And bumpy parts.

And I had to go on the road. The horror! I think two cars passed me.

Trust me, I was not bored.

But I was not happy.

This trail is awesome for running. It’s mostly flat and has different views on the way around. But it is too crowded for cycling if you want to maintain any kind of speed. A leisurely ride on a sunny Sunday afternoon? Awesome. An athletic training ride? Not so.

Maybe I had a bad experience. Maybe you will tell me that you used to ride there all the time and thought it was great and wonderful and the most perfect bike trail in the world. Maybe I will try again.

But probably not. Guess I’m going back to boring for awhile!

christmas in florida

Last weekend Eric and I had the happy opportunity to go to sunny Orlando for our friends’ wedding. Though Amanda and Josh had already tied the knot a year or so ago, they wanted to have an “official” celebration with their friends and family. We took the chance to have a “mini-honeymoon” since we never took one after our celebration in October.

First of all, can I say how awesome it was to be warm in December. It was glorious.

After a treacherous hour+ ride to the airport in “snow emergency level one” conditions (we left 3 hours before the flight and at one point seriously thought we weren’t going to make it) e and I found our seats, sat in de-icing for awhile, and were off. We splurged for this trip and decided to stay in Disney’s Wilderness Lodge. It was so adorable and was probably the only thing that felt “Christmas-y” among the palm trees. We even had bunk beds in our room!

Thursday night was the combined bachelor/bachelorette party. At Epcot. It involved drinking. And going around the world. You get the picture. Which is good, because I have no decent pictures since my camera has recently decided it never wants to take focused pictures. The night ended at a dueling piano bar with renditions of “Don’t Stop Believing” and Eric’s request, “Come Together.” Good times.

Since we were staying on Disney property, we decided that Friday would be spent exploring the other resorts to see all the holiday decorations. Here’s the highlight:

Yes friends, that’s a lifesize gingerbread house at the Grand Floridian. Well to be fair, the top right photo is of some random human-sized birdcage I thought was cool. Everything is food-based. The Mickey on the sugar window is chocolate. The poinsettias are icing. Pretty cool. It takes them over two months to bake and decorate everything.

See! Lifesize!

The next day was the wedding, which sadly, I have few pictures of. It was a rainy, rainy morning. Seriously pouring. Which for a bride planning an outdoor wedding was stressful, I’m sure. The ceremony went off without a hitch and we were off to Epcot for the reception at a banquet room in The Living Seas, the aquarium attraction complete with Nemo and Dory.

Have I mentioned yet that this wedding was “pirate themed?”

I haven’t?

Well, it was. We wore costumes. The reception had pirate-y things like a treasure chest and food with names like “Elisabeth Swann’s Raspberry Coulis.” Fancy.

Fave part? The scuba divers in the aquarium dancing with us.

Again, sorry for the blur. Blame the camera.

Does anyone know where I can find an Ariel tree topper?